The STAR of the Jam Ram Honey Jam recipe arsenal. This will delight everyone! It’s sweet, it’s sour, it’s decliciously spiced to mesmerise your taste buds.

Apricot season is short, but you’ll happily preserve them using this recipe

For a more detailed explanation on how to make jam, as always, check out The Jam Ram’s How to Make Jam Guide. It’s the most comprehensive jam making guide on the internet.

Yields about six 250ml / 8oz jars.


  • 1kg / 2.2lbs Fresh Apricots (halved and stoned)
  • 50g / 10tsp lemon juice
  • 1kg / 2.2lbs honey
  • 4tsp ground cinammon
  • 1tsp ground cardamom
  • 1/4tsp ground nutmeg
  • two dashes of cloves


  • Throw everything together in a pot, and cook on medium heat, and turn down to medium-low once emulsified. If you have patience, the longer and lower you can cook this the more the the taste of the spices will blend with the jam.
  • Slowly let cook down until it has reached the consistency of jam (you can always use a refractometer to confirm this part)
  • Follow normal canning procedues to preserve