The Jam Ram knows what you’re thinking…“Whhhhaaaaaa, honey jam???!!?” Just trust in The Jam Ram and keep reading.

Many years ago, The Jam Ram embarked on starting a business that only made jam with honey. The recipes below have been taste tested, refined and perfected based on feedback from hundreds of people, and a lot of effort. The business ultimately never got started, so these recipes are now gifted to the world. VIVE LE HONEY JAM!!

The main reason for using honey is that it is a more natural, unprocessed (or sometimes minimally processed) alternative to sugar. It has a lower Glycemic Index (GI) compared to sugar as well, which means it causes less of a spike in your blood sugar.

While trying to perfect these recipes, it also quickly became obvious that the taste of honey is far superior to sugar. Sugar is one-dimensional, while honey is quite complex. Add to that the different varietals of honey along with their own differences across the seasons, and the fact that you can actually mix together different types of honey, and you can have endless fun with honey jam!

The internet seems to be lacking in good honey jam recipes, so please feel free to link to these, or hey, make them your own by modifying them to your own tastes.

Strawberry Honey Jam

Raspberry & Black Pepper Honey Jam

Spiced Apricot Honey Jam

Golden Citrus Honey Marmalade (coming soon)