The Best Colanders for Making Jam and Preserving

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Best Colanders for Making Jam and Preserving

I know what you’re thinking…colanders, schmolanders!  You might ask yourself (or me), “What the heck is so important about colanders?  And why, OH WHY do I care about what the best colanders are for making jam and preserving?”

Well friend, you don’t know until you’ve been to the dark side!  To be honest with you, The Jam Ram can’t ever remember buying his first colander.  But he can definitely remember using it.  Let’s put it this way…remember the Little Engine That Could?  It’s the same story, but the colander couldn’t.

Have you ever experienced the joy of having a colander so large, that you can wash it with a garden hose and nothing will fall out!  Do you have any idea how frustrating it is to put the bowl down every few seconds, just to throw a strawberry back in, only to have to stop and do the same thing five seconds later?!  After which, you walk away from the sink, a little unsure, a little low in confidence, a little doubtful if your fruit is really washed as thoroughly as it should be.

Seriously, get a good colander!  Here are some to wrap your hooves around:

16 Qt. Aluminum Colander Heavy Duty with Base and Handles
Rating: 4.5/5
Capacity: 16 qt./15 litres




The Jam Ram’s mentor showed him a little trick in the early days of his existence.  If you have a giant colander, you can use it as a picking basket, and then put it directly under the water and wash its contents.  Double win!  So if you have access to a garden, get this.  When preparing dinner for guests, you can use this to wash all of your fruit and vegetables at once.

This colander is a giant.  With a diameter of 16 in/40 cm, make sure you have the space to use it.  If you live in an apartment, it’s probably too big.

The holes are large so water will drain easily, and there is plenty of room to toss all of your fruits and vegetables with the vigor of a ram that finds himself in a field of ewes in the autumn.


RSVP Precision Pierced Stainless-Steel 5-Quart Colander

Rating: 5/5
Capacity: 5 qt./4.7 litre

RSVP Colander












Holes, holes everywhere!  This RSVP colander is very slick; shiny, smooth, and dotted with holes.  You are going to love this.  Just click on it to see the Amazon reviews to see how popular this colander is.  Even if you don’t need it for jam making, you will try to find any excuse to use it (pasta?).

The Jam Ram’s cousin, The Salad Giraffe, swears by this colander.  It is light, easy to hold, easy to drain, easy to use, and easy to look at.


OXO Good Grips 5-Quart Stainless-Steel Colander

Rating: 5/5 (Amazon)
Capacity: 5 qt./4.7 litre




You have most definitely heard of the OXO brand.  They are considered an innovative and quality range of kitchenware products.  This one seems to be no different.  Why seems?  The Jam Ram has never actually used this product (that damn phony).  But he has owned and used a large range of OXO products, and has always been satisfied.

The rubber handles are there to ensure that you get the best grip and that no heat comes in contact with you hands.  It is rated 5/5 on Amazon by a few hundred people.  The only concern not having used it would be the size of the holes.  If too small, it will not drain well.  If too big, you might not be able to strain rice (but this isn’t a rice blog).

It doesn’t really seem to be an issue though.


Calypso Basics 3 Quart powder coated Colander, Black

Rating: 4.5/5
Capacity: 3 qt./2.8 litres




Calypso’s real appeal is that they make sleek and colorful colanders, and if you do a simple search, you can get this colander in a wide variety of colors.  It also comes in a 7 quart capacity as well!

The reason for reviewing the small one is because it’s a more practical tool for the kitchen.  Not everyone of you will be making large batches of jam, and many of you will be buying and using these colanders for multiple uses.

So this Calypso colander fits in, literally anywhere in your kitchen, and for most reasons that you need a colander.  You can match the different varieties with almost any color in your kitchen.  And chances are you have used this style of colander in the past, and feel comfortable with it.


Your average kitchen activity doesn’t always require a colander.  However, jam making ALWAYS requires a colander.  In this respect, The Jam Ram can give you some advice and nudge you into making a better decision.

All of these colanders are solid.  They look nice, they work well, and they will last you a long time.  The only issue that you have to consider is size.  And fortunately for you, that’s an easy decision to make!

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